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      Armored Vehicle       Limousine        Special Needs Transportation      Paratransit   Waste Collection        Driver Safety Cameras   

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention     Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation     Teen Driving Camera

Prisoner Inmate Suspect in-Custody Transportation Cameras  
     Transportation Ministry Youth Group Activities Camera System      

High Definition Vehicle Camera Surveillance Overview    Eco Safety Driver Training Device    Stop Arm Crossing Violation Camera  

  Rear Vision & Side View Backup Cameras          Driver Safety Body Worn Police Body Surveillance Camera  

Police Prisoner Inmate Transport Safety Camera System         Steel Security Camera Cage        School Bus Bully Alarm SBS  

School Bus Safety offers low cost school bus video surveillance systems, bus cameras and onboard digital video security surveillance cameras, providing an expert witness in case of accident or incident. *Pricing dependent on quantity and terms.

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